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    Img Konbread - - Utilize the Img 0269 Konbread as the main color in your wallpaper to create drama and contrast. For a smooth easy transition, repeat the wall paint color as the main wallpaper color. A Img 0269 Konbread above or below a chair rail brings warmth and depth to a dining area or breaks up a long hallway. You might mix and match wallpaper patterns for above and below the chair rail. Alternatively, you might prefer to paint the wall below the chair rail and use wallpaper above it or vice versa. The pattern of Img 0269 Konbread size can make a room appear larger or smaller. Visually decrease the size of a large room with a large print with a darker background. The pattern and color contrast gives the optical illusion of drawing the walls in closer for a cozier feel to the room. Conversely, with respect to the color and pattern, a small patterned wallpaper could make a little room appear larger or a big room appear even larger.

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    Family Konbread - - The Img 0269 Konbread style is going with the others of your décor style. It should flow naturally with the rest of your space. Some examples include. Horizontal Img 0269 Konbread make a wall appear longer while vertical stripes supply the illusion of height. You can utilize wide or narrow stripes, and stripes can be irregular, such as vine or paisley patterned stripes. If you're looking for Img 0269 Konbread to add a layer of texture and greater design depth, decide on a textured wallpaper. Select a grasscloth for a home office, for instance. Choose an accent wall behind the desk or use above a wainscoting or chair rail. In a cozy living room or den design, you might decide on a textured wallpaper, such as for example grasscloth, embossed or flocked.